servicesAs an engineering and environmental services firm, The Environmental Group provides the following professional services to our clients:

  • Due Diligence
  • ISRA Case Management
  • Soil & Groundwater Remediation
  • Underground Storage Tank Closure
  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Assessment and Remediation
  • Facility & EHS Services
  • Design/Build
  • EnviroScience
  • Environmental Planning and Infrastructure



TEG offers a unique, flexible and diversified approach to environmental due diligence.

Each assessment is tailored to meet the needs of each and every client and the lending agent. TEG has designed specific programs for different lending agencies and institutions. We always welcome the opportunity to design a program that is right for you.

Whichever assessment program you choose, TEG offers you the same level of quality and service through our "team approach" that we apply to virtually all of our projects.

Each project is assigned to a specific project team responsible for seeing the project through to completion. However, each project is reviewed by the entire Environmental Group staff which meets weekly. In this way, regardless of the size of the project, each client benefits from the expertise of the entire TEG staff.

TEG's unique team approach applies to our Quality Assurance/Quality Control program as well. All audits and assessments are put through a technical review, an administrative review, and when appropriate a legal review. Each stage of the review process is conducted by the most qualified members of the TEG team.

Transaction Screen Phase I, II Environmental Assessments
Today's lending agents, owners of small or large business, attorneys, real estate brokers, property owners and developers all must face the challenges and demands of tough environmental laws and responsibilities. Decision makers in virtually every industry rely on the environmental consultant for critical information and advice.

TEG's assessments are customized to the particular concerns of the subject premises as detailed in the Phase I report and exceed American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards. Developed on a case-by-case basis, the purpose and scope of work in a Phase II can include further regulatory research, sampling, analysis, and photographic documentation. All interested parties will be able to discuss the procedures, and make changes prior to work being performed.

Each assessment contains standard key ingredients to evaluate the potential environmental liabilities of the subject premises.

TEG develops the assessment for both the client and the lending institution. We have assisted various clients and lending agents and we remain committed to "make the deal work".

We welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help you, the client, meet the due diligence requirements that environmental regulations have placed on lending institutions and protect your interests as well.

The Customized Assessment Program for Lending Institutions
Over the course of our more than 20 years in the environmental industry, TEG has assisted many lending institutions in development and implementation of their environmental audit programs. As a result, we have many years of experience working side by side with many commercial lenders whereby we have developed a mutually beneficial relationship of referring borrowers to the various lending institutions.

We specialize in assisting the borrower in obtaining funding for projects and purchases where areas of environmental concern exist for the sites.

TEG is extremely sensitive to the needs environmental regulators have placed upon the lending community. We understand that environmental due diligence is a critical fact of business life, yet due to the competitiveness of the current loan market, cost-effectiveness has become just as important.

TEG offers you a unique assessment program designed especially for the lending institution. This comprehensive, cost effective assessment features on-site and regulatory research, and ensures compliance with ASTM standards.

TEG understands that lending agents need to perform due diligence on virtually all sites and has developed a thorough program to enable lending institutions to meet these challenges cost effectively.

TEG is able to offer this program only through lending institutions. If, for any reason, the following does not meet your specific needs, we would like to help you design a program specifically for you. You will find the same thorough efficient services we provide all of our assessment clients but the price won't cost you a valuable loan.

As part of this program, TEG also offers training seminars conducted at your location at no cost. The sessions can range from one hour to one day and are designed to teach your staff how to quickly read and understand an environmental assessment regardless of how complex.

TEG has performed countless assessments for major lending institutions nationwide. TEG has successfully negotiated and remediated countless contamination projects on behalf of a diverse group of clients. TEG’s innovative approach has even rescued some clients from the brink of financial ruin.



On June 16, 1993, the Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) replaced the Environmental Cleanup Responsibility Act (ECRA) in the State of New Jersey. The cessation of business operations and/or sale of a property at applicable sites regulated by ISRA is subject to applicability as determined by the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code(s) for the operations conducted at the subject property and involvement with hazardous materials.

ERG has steered hundreds of clients through the myriad of environmental forms and regulatory requirements that may be involved in the ISRA compliance process.



TEG offers clients expert capabilities in environmental remediation design and construction using advanced chemical, biological and mechanical technologies to remediate air, water, waste and soils. Our expertise also extends to the negotiation of appropriate risk-based cleanup levels and is supported by in-house expertise in risk assessment, toxicology and industrial hygiene.

We formulate cost-effective remedial strategies that efficiently meet regulatory requirements with a fully integrated approach to environmental remediation. Our remediation projects range from small soil cleanups to corrective action efforts at major industrial facilities.



TEG has effectively completed numerous UST closures from small sites with a single heating oil UST to large industrial facilities with more than a dozen chemical UST’s.

TEG offers traditional methods of abandonment such as filling your tank with sand or gravel as well as removal and can tailor a cost-effective remediation strategy to regulatory requirements.

TEG has tailored strategies that effectively incorporate purchaser due diligence with seller corrective action to enable the timely closing of the transaction even if a lender is involved.



Integrates all facets of land use and transportation planning, design and construction to meet the demands of a wide variety of land developers and governmental clients.

Land Development
As development becomes more complex due to to increased environmental awareness and regulatory requirements, your need for a consulting firm with the capability to address a wide range of issues becomes more important. Our land development group offers concept-to-completion services for clients.

Multidisciplinary capabilities enable us to meet our clients' needs in their efforts to maintain and improve the infrastructure.

Highway and Roadway

Local and urban roadways, interstate systems, safety improvement studies, calming measures, drainage evaluation and design, hydraulic analysis, pavement management, regulatory permitting, environmental studies, lighting systems, utility design and traffic maintenance.


Traffic impact studies, coordinated signal systems, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), traffic calming, corridor studies, traffic management plans, maintenance and protection of traffic.


Bridges and culverts, underground and aboveground utility structures, evaluation of existing facilities, dams, foundations, retaining walls, platforms, containment structures, sheeting/shoring and forensic evaluations.

Services range from town-wide control networks using global positioning systems (GPS) technology to residential lot surveys. Survey services are part of TEG's earliest history. Our records provide us with over 75 years of survey data.



Focuses on the assessment and remediation of commercial, industrial and institutional properties contaminated by releases to the soil, groundwater or sediments.

Combines site development and infrastructure design with site remediation to minimize remedial costs and optimize use of underutilized or abandoned properties. Also provides assistance in obtaining state and federal funding.

Risk Assessment and Toxicology
Offers a full range of ecological and human health risk assessment services and carries them out in accordance with state and federal regulations and guidance.

Groundwater Development/Permitting
Provides a wide range of water engineering and hydrogeologic studies to private, municipal and state agency clients. Projects include diversion permits, aquifer and wellhead protection plans, level A aquifer mapping, groundwater modeling and water distribution and storage systems.

Environmental Site Assessments
Studies determine the nature and extent of soil, sediment and groundwater contamination and evaluate compliance with applicable clean-up criteria. Services include Phase I through Phase III site assessments, feasibility studies and remedial action plans.

Focuses on providing clients with a full range of remedial services, from conceptual evaluation of alternatives through detailed design, installation, operation and maintenance, to post-remediation monitoring and verification.



Addresses the ongoing environmental and engineering needs of business, government and industry spanning regulatory compliance, environmental design , water resources, and plant services.

Evaluates overall compliance with state and federal regulations as well as management and discharge/disposal of air, water and waste. Our facility permitting expertise is unsurpassed, and our comprehensive compliance audits result in greater commitment to environmentally sound practices.

Environmental Design
Employs compliance-based design to achieve discharge criteria for waste systems. Environmental designs range from industrial to remedial air, water and waste treatment systems.

Industrial Plant Services
Combines the experience of engineers, maintenance professionals and a network of industrial experts to augment industrial facility staff in manufacturing, maintenance engineering, energy conservation, and environmental health and safety.

Facilitates receipt, storage and distribution of petroleum and related chemical products from terminal to end-use. We provide services in the areas of design and construction coordination, compliance and corrective action, remediation, tank design and construction coordination, replacement, inspection and system upgrades.



Provides a single business entity to coordinate design and construction services for civil and environmental projects ranging from remediation systems to storm water quality improvements.

Environmental Systems
Air, fluids, and solids management for environmental control required for environmental health and safety (EHS) or compliance. Handling systems engineered to serve clients' needs.

Civil Engineering and Earth Work Construction
Provides a seamless project from concept through completion via the design build approach. Minimizes project time and cost.

Environmental Remediation
Coordinates design and construction of fast-track projects driven by corporate deadlines or regulatory requirements. Our experience and expertise promote rapid achievement of environmental compliance.

Industrial Plant Services
Combines the experience of engineers, maintenance professionals and a network of industrial experts to augment industrial facility staff in manufacturing, facilities, maintenance engineering, energy conservation, and environmental health and safety.



Provides a full range of services including industrial hygiene, asbestos and lead-based paint testing and consultation, laboratory services, indoor quality surveys, mold control services and radon detection and remediation.

Asbestos Survey, Evaluation, Testing & Consultation
Asbestos consulting services include building surveys, material sampling and analysis, bid specifications, monitoring for abatement programs, and asbestos management plans.

Mold Control Services
Provides low cost solutions to potential mold problems. Many of today's microbiological concerns exist as a result of changes in construction materials and building designs from the past.

Indoor Air Quality Surveys
Provides on-site inspections, direct reading instrumentation for on-site analysis, and sampling for laboratory analysis. Common services are sick building and tight building syndrome investigations, ventilation and re-entrainment studies and odor assessment.

Laboratory Services
AIHA - Accredited Laboratory specializing in analysis of airborne concentration of asbestos fibers using Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM).

Lead - Based Paint Consulting
Provides lead-based paint inspections, risk assessments, construction administration services, including on-site monitoring, sampling and analysis, re-occupancy inspections, management and abatement plans.

Industrial Hygiene
Expertise to provide a variety of industrial hygiene services including: indoor air quality, loss control, worker exposure, OSHA compliance and workplace-related issues.

Radon Detection & Remediation Design
Provides short and long-term air testing, water testing, diagnostic services, mitigation design and coordination.

Ecological and Human Health Risk Assessment
Offers a full range of services that assess potential impacts to human health and the environment and carries them out in accordance with state and federal regulations and guidance.

Safety Services
A program that is a composite of several individual health and safety services including asbestos management, hazard communication, OSHA standards and regulations, underground storage tanks, training, integrated pest management, and safety committees.



Offers planning, design, permitting, funding assistance and construction services in the traditional water, wastewater, solid waste and storm water disciplines, and provides expertise in water resources and environmental impact assessments.

Provides services for water supply, treatment storage, distribution and transmission projects, plus watershed protection, system modeling and asset management assistance.

Services range from on-site and decentralized wastewater management solutions to conventional and innovative sewer systems to advanced wastewater treatment facilities. We cover the gamut from facilities planning in unsewered areas to controlling wet weather impacts in established collection systems.

Solid Waste
Focuses on all aspects of solid waste management including landfilling, waste transfer, recycling, composting, ash management and waste-to-energy.

Storm Water
Assists communities with all aspects of storm water management, including compliance with the Storm Water Phase II requirements, from identification of sources of water quality degradation to establishment of water objectives and planning and implementing the strategies for achieving them.

Water Resources
Involves the analysis, design and construction administration of dam and flood control projects for federal, state and local agencies, power companies, private land owners, and lake associations. We have wide-ranging experience in drainage, wetland assessment, mitigation and reconstruction.

Environmental Impact Assessment
Provides environmental assessment and impact documentation for both national and state environmental policy act compliance.

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