Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

The Environmental Group Conducts Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

What qualities make our Phase I Environmental Site Assessments unique?

• Real time status tracking of Phase I reports.
• A quick turnaround for most locations.
• A tank sweep with a magnetometer used at all Phase I sites.
• Real time professional assistance over the phone, e-mail or in person.
• We will take care of any area of concern identified in the Phase I process, by offering you solutions through our Remediation and Consultation team.

What is a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment?

The Environmental Group is approved to conduct Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). A Phase I ESA is a property study that evaluates the likelihood of environmental contamination. It includes research of a property’s current and historical uses as part of a commercial real estate transaction. The intent of the report is to disclose if any past uses of the property have impacted the soil or groundwater, posing a threat to the environment or humans.

When issues are discovered, they can present potential liability problems for the lender and/or the owner and negatively impact the property’s value. Phase I reports can be completed for all types of properties, including vacant land, residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial sites. Typical areas of concern include dry cleaners, gas stations, vehicle repair operations, print shops, and manufacturing facilities.

In addition to potential soil and groundwater contamination, the process addresses concerns associated with contamination in soil vapor and the potential for vapor migration to pose a threat to onsite and offsite tenants.

All of our testing processes follow the American Standard for Testing and Materials (ASTM) to satisfy an All-Appropriate Inquiry (AAI), which evaluates a property’s environmental condition and potential liabilities due to any contamination.

A Phase I ESA completed before the closure of a real estate transaction can be used to satisfy the requirements of CERCLA’s (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act) innocent landowner defense under All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI).

Beyond ASTM requirements, Phase I ESA reports may include information on asbestos-containing materials, lead-based paint, mold growth, lead in drinking water, and radon. Although these are beyond the typical scope, this type of sampling may be available upon request.

What does a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Include?

  • A site visit to observe conditions and uses of the property and adjacent properties
  • A review of all regulatory databases regarding underground storage tanks (USTs), above-ground storage tanks (ASTs), known or suspected releases, and storage and disposal of hazardous substances
  • A review of historical records
  • Review of state and local agency records
  • Interviews with past and present property owners or individuals familiar with the property, as well as the end-user of the reports to ensure all applicable information is included

The ASTM provides the guidelines for a Phase I report to meet industry standards, but there are other factors to consider when ordering a report and at The Environmental Group, we make sure we cover all of them.