About Us

, located in Bergen County, New Jersey, is a community volunteer program established in 2021 by our team here at The Environmental Group . We provide a fun and educational gardening event for people with special needs in facilities located in the NY/NJ area.
We collaborate with your facility administration to arrange a day for our volunteers to come out and work with a group of residents to enhance the property green areas. The residents, along with their support staff, will take part in a fun day of turning a portion of their facility from  !

Our Mission

With our mission to give back to our special needs community,  serves as a social, creative and educational outlet for virtually any special needs community.

What we provide

• Volunteers A.K.A “The Garden Buddies”.
  T-shirts for all participants.
• Garden supplies – (gloves, flowers, shovels, watering cans, as may be needed).
Please contact Nancy or Steven, our Volunteer Coordinators to schedule a gardening event and to find out how you can get involved or co-sponsor an event in the  Volunteer Program.  Hope to hear from you soon !
Call us: 973-539-4111